Upper E.S prestige Box

Upper E.S prestige Box

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  • Upper east side bowtie
  • Upper lapel flower
  • Haussmann iPhone 6/6s case
  • Österlman bracelet
  • Grafton notebook

Orders made between December 10th and December 18th will be delivered on Thursday, December 21st.
Orders made between December 19h and December 22th will be delivered on Saturday, December 23rd. (Montréal, Québec City and Sherbrooke)


Description : 

The Oxford prestige box includes a Upper east side bowtie made of wenge. The bowtie is adorned with a white line fabric :  The bowtie comes with a meticulously made Oxford lapel flower. The set also includes an Österlman bracelet made of a jasper stone. The stylish Grafton notebook and a Haussmann iPhone 6/6s case complete the box. The iPhone case features a matte finish in wood imitation , and a slim design.